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It was highly pejorative and usually said in a tone of irritation. . we tend to dislike people who convey a sense of entitlement, in part because they implicitly place themselves above everyone else, as if different standards should apply to them. . They may come across as condescending or patronizing; they may feel and express contempt for other people, as if they consider themselves to be superior. . They often expect to be taken care of financially and behave in exploitative ways in their relationships. In my experience, these people have a very limited ability to tolerate frustration; they have trouble sustaining hard work over time and may become enraged when they must take a job or even undertake an onerous chore. . As a result, their academic and work histories are inconsistent:  they tend to drop out of school, have a hard time holding onto a job and accrue excessive debt because they hate the limitations of reality and spend beyond their means. . Behind such behavior lies an unconscious expectation that life should be perfect and ideal, where frustration never occurs and no effort is required to meet ones needs:  the objects of our wishes and desires will simply come to us whenever we want them. . Many people with apparently different emotional difficulties harbor such an unconscious wish.

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Bipolar Disorder symptoms also displayed features of narcissistic behavior, often involving outbursts of rage. In other posts, ive talked about the function of hatred and anger as a kind of psychic glue in the face of disintegration anxiety; ive tried to make room for the idea that rage, as destructive as its external effects may be, sometimes serves. likewise, rage may function as a defense against shame that feels unbearable. . These essay two are connected: shame, as I discussed in my early post on basic or toxic shame, is the emotional expression of our sense that we are damaged; that sense of damage can mean that the self is felt to be in pieces, in danger. Hatred, anger and rage serve a defensive and cohesive function for these conditions, especially when there has been a narcissistic injury to ones sense of self that stirs up unbearable shame. Narcissistic rage may also express a frustrated sense of entitlement, by which I mean the feeling that one has a right to be given something which others believe should be obtained through effort, and unrealistic expectations of favorable treatment or automatic compliance with ones expectations. . While this is a characteristic feature of Narcissistic Personality disorder, ive seen it in every borderline client ive treated, and in many clients with Bipolar Disorder symptoms, as well. . A sense of entitlement reflects an inflated view of ones own importance and rights, which features intermittently in many psychological states of mind. . no doubt youve known people who express this sense of entitlement, whether or not they fit into any of the diagnostic categories with which weve all become familiar. I dont know whether the phrase is still in current use, but when I was a young man, people used to say, he thinks the world owes him a living. .

The discharge had a negligible environmental impact, according to mammoet, as the flow rate was controlled and a monitoring vessel nearby tested the acidity of the water in the Rhine. . On 13 February the waldhof was refloated by pumping water from the tanks and righted using the sheerlegs. The vessel was then moved to a mooring nearby and handed over to the owners on 17 February. . Shipping authorities will investigate the cause of the accident. While the manic phase in what is commonly known as bipolar disorder usually involves manic flight into grandiose fantasy and impulsive behavior, on occasion it leads to rage, violence, suicide and even murder. . The dsm-iv refers to this as dysphoric mania or a mixed state, where manic and depressive symptoms occur simultaneously. . Outbursts of rage also occur in other disorders: they feature in Intermittent Explosive disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic Personality disorder and various types of narcissistic behavior ; anyone dominated by feelings of shame may be prone to occasional outbursts of rage, which are often. While the dsm-iv defines these disorders as unique categories of mental illness, with individual diagnosis empire codes, they actually exist along a spectrum and have much in common. . Most of the clients ive seen who demonstrated features of Borderline personality disorder or presented with.

hydrologist resume

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Holes were then drilled through the hull to analyse the contents of the seven acid tanks. . It was discovered that chemical reactions had released hydrogen gas in the tanks. This posed a serious explosion hazard so mammoet's specialists flushed the tanks with nitrogen gas  to displace the hydrogen. Following that, the tank contents were investigated. This showed that, due to the ingress of river water, there was a layer of dilute acid floating on top of the concentrated acid. . Submersible pumps were lowered through the 500 mm holes in the hull to mix the acid and obtain a uniform concentration. Mammoet personnel transferred about 550 tonnes of acid from the waldhof to a tanker pontoon. . due to distortion of the waldhof's hull, it was decided, in consultation with the authorities, that it would be safer to discharge most of the remaining acid into the river, under an environmental permit. .

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hydrologist resume

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13 near the journey narrowest stretch of the river. Over the weekend, salvage crews worked to remove the ill-fated tanker from the shipping lane. . The tanker was carrying about 2,600 tons of dangerous acid, which made the salvation particularly challenging. . Instead of risking the rupturing of the ship, which would have released a massive acid shock to the ecosystem, authorities decided sports that they would opt for allowing a slow leak, thus giving the river a chance to dilute the acid as it seeped into the. Two crew members survived, but the bodies of the other two still have not been recovered. February 21, 2011 - mammoet Maritime recovered a 105 metre ship from the river Rhine in Germany after it sank and blocked downstream shipping for weeks. . On, the waldhof capsized and sank, with the loss of two lives.

The ship was carrying 2,400 tonnes of concentrated sulphuric acid from basf's plant in Ludwigshafen, to Antwerp in Belgium. The resultant blockage blockage created a backlog of more than 400 vessels. . Mammoet deployed 25 operatives and engineers from bases in the netherlands and Germany. With them, they brought two sheerlegs, a crane pontoon, a tug and a pusher tug, winch pontoons and specialized equipment for dealing with the hazardous sulphuric acid. . The company stabilised the tanker by positioning wire ropes underneath it so it could be supported by the sheerlegs Amsterdam and Grizzly.

Two crew members died in the accident. . The narrows near the loreley have been the bane of sailors for centuries. According to legend, a beautiful siren at the spot calls to those sailing the Rhine, causing them to crash their boats on the rocks. February 13, 2011 - german authorities said Sunday they had found a body on a tanker carrying nearly 2,400 tonnes of sulphuric acid that capsized on the Rhine river last month. . Authorities were for the first time able to gain access to the living quarters of the ship, the waldhof, the waterways and Shipping Office (WSV) said in a statement. .

"In the completely destroyed rooms, the recovery team found and salvaged a body the wsv said, adding: "We currently have no information as to the identity of the dead person."  Two of the four-member crew were rescued following the january 13 accident. The other two - a german and a czech national - could not be found. . It is not immediately clear what caused the incident, which occurred near a celebrated rock outcropping known as "Lorelei" above a narrow point in the river where the current is very strong and accidents are not uncommon. . Officials pumped around 550 tonnes of the acid onto another ship, with the rest leaking into the Rhine. Authorities have said there is no environmental impact, as the acid was heavily diluted. February 14, 2011 - the Rhine river fully reopened to shipping on Monday, one month after a tanker carrying sulfuric acid capsized, closing shipping lanes in the busy german waterway, reuters reported. . The waldhof sank on Jan.

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A laboratory vessel will supervise the great pumping operation to make certain the concentration does not exceed twelve litres of acid for every.6 million litres of river water per second. Experts expect the environmental impact to be minimal. . The wreck of the waldhof, which continues to hinder traffic on one of Europes most important waterways, has already leaked some 900 tonnes of acid since tipping over near the fabled. Loreley rocky point on January 13, officials said. Some of remaining toxic liquid will be pumped into another ship with stainless steel tanks on tuesday. . The massive backlog of ships waylaid by the accident is slowly starting to ease though some 300 vessels are still unable to proceed down the Rhine. On Monday, the first multi-ship barges were allowed to navigate past the wreck. . What caused the waldhof to capsize remains unclear.

hydrologist resume

main north-south rail lines and highways run through the gorge, which cuts through rugged hills. Five nations depend on Rhine shipping to deliver loads from Europe's biggest seaport, rotterdam. . Two empty barges are standing by for the next salvage phase, pumping out the cargo of the waldhof, which is being held in place by floating cranes and cables. Once safe, the barge will be raised and taken away. . waiting assignment ships were allowed to travel upstream past the wreck earlier this week, but authorities then ruled it was too dangerous as the ships might slam into the hulk. . Two of the four crew were still missing after the sinking. February 7, 2011 - some 80 tonnes sulphuric acid per hour will be removed from the ship in order to lessen stress to its hull, members of the salvage team told a press conference. Goarshausen in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. . "In the worst-case scenario 1,000 tonnes of acid will have to be directed into the Rhine a spokesman said, adding the ship had taken a "slight banana shape" after 240 tonnes were pumped into another tanker. .

its works in Ludwigshafen in Germany to the belgian port of Antwerp. . basf said on Thursday it was experiencing difficulties with raw material supplies following the tanker accident. January 27, 2011 -. Goarshausen, germany - highly flammable hydrogen showed up Thursday in a sunken barge in Germany's Rhine gorge, causing a new hitch in plans to reopen Europe's biggest inland waterway. . Some 300 barges were stuck upstream from the site of the january 13 capsizing. . Marine officials said hydrogen showed up in the seventh tank of the barge, which is loaded with sulphuric acid. . Rescuers were pumping nitrogen into the tank to render the hydrogen harmless. . road, rail and water traffic through the gorge was stopped this week for fear that the waldhof barge may blow up, either through the hydrogen igniting or its sulphuric acid reacting with the water. .

Sulfuric acid, when mixed with water, can become highly corrosive. January 21, 2011 - the river Rhine in central Germany has been partially reopened to shipping after being blocked by a capsized tanker loaded with sulphuric acid, the german inland navigation authority said on Thursday. . a vessel carrying 2,400 tonnes of acid capsized on Jan. 13 at Loreley near wiesbaden blocking shipping since. . The river has now been opened to southbound sailings by vessels of up to 135 metres in length following test sailings past the capsized ship, a navigation authority spokesman said. . About 20 degenerative vessels have now been able to sail past the capsized tanker and about 200 ships are waiting to pass, he said. . It was not known when northbound sailings could start, he said. . Cranes have now arrived and salvage work is getting underway, while no significant volumes of cargo have escaped from the ship, he said. .

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A large 100 meter-long barge carrying sulphuric acid capsized and went adrift on the Rhine. The accident occurred this morning near the legendary loreley rock in the vicinity of the town. Goarshausen when, due to unknown causes, the large barge carrying 2400 tons of sulphuric acid capsized. Two of the four crew members have been rescued while there is an ongoing "feverish" search for the other missing crew members with the help of a helicopter. . The ship was traveling from the chemical company basf, ludwigshafen in southern Germany to Antwerp, belgium. . Local authorities said they did not know what caused the tanker to capsize. With the water temperature hovering around 4 degrees Celsius (39 degress Fahrenheit the missing men could not be expected to survive long, they said. The two rescued crew members were literature brought to a nearby hospital and were in good condition, local authorities said. . There were no indications that the ship was leaking, and testing on the Rhine downstream showed no abnormalities, The spokesman added that the vessel appeared to be double-hulled, meaning there stood a good chance the acid would not leak into the river.

hydrologist resume
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