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book report hunger games

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Haymitch tells her that they probably liked her e next day the tributes are taken to have a televised interview with a television personality, caesar Flickerman. The object is to attract sponsors. Each tribute is given three minutes on stage. Katniss does her best on stage but the real standout is peeta who reveals that he has a crush on Katniss during the interview. This incites the crowd into a frenzy and encourages their sympathy for both peeta and Katniss. Katniss is furious at peeta and accosts him after the interview.

The hunger Games, book

Many are from wealthier districts where they were fed better. The tributes from the closest three districts to the capitol are called Career tributes as they spend their whole life training for the games and revise volunteered to be in them. Katniss hesitates to show her skill with a bow in front of her opponents before it is necessary. Peeta is revealed to be very strong and good as physical combat. He also has much skill in camouflage as he spends a lot of time painting cakes at the bakery. Katniss also notices the youngest tribute, a twelve year-old girl named rue from District eleven watching the proceedings from the rafters above the training room. During Katniss private session with the gamemakers she notices that they are not even paying attention to her and shots an arrow through the apple in the mouth of a roast pig in their balcony overlooking the training room. She then walks out. Katniss begins to regret this rash raiding decision when the time comes for the survival scores to be given out on television. However, she ends up with a score of eleven out of twelve.

Each tribute is supposed to wear something that reflect their home district and, short because district twelve is made up of coal miners, cinna intends to dress Katniss and peeta in outfits that will feature synthetic fire. Cinna calls her the girl who was on fire. Katniss and peeta, in their burning costumes, are a huge hit during the ceremony and the crowd loves them. Katniss hopes that this will reflect well with potential sponsors. The tributes are put into a training center to stay until the games begin. All tributes are to train together until the final day when they perform before the gamemakers and receive a survival score that denotes how well they are expected to do in the arena. During training, katniss observes the other tributes. Almost all are healthier and bigger than her.

book report hunger games

The hunger Games book 1, summary

Also on the train is haymitch Abernathy, the only living winner from District Twelve who is now, according to short the capitols rules, an advisor to the children in the games every year. Haymitch, a middle-aged man, has become an alcoholic in the years since he won the games. Katniss and peeta begin to become frustrated with his lackadaisical approach to tutoring them and Katniss, fed up, stabs a knife in between his hand and the liquor bottle that he was trying to pick. This impresses haymitch and he begins to reveal some small secrets about the games. Namely, that impressing the crowds at the capitol during the festivals before the games is just as important as surviving once they go into the arena. The rich citizens of the capitol are allowed to sponsor the children in the games and send them small gifts of food and medicine. When they reach the capitol, katniss is repulsed by the citizens odd fashion and garish hair. She and peeta are taken to a team of people immediately set to work primping her. Soon, katniss meets her stylist, cinna who is responsible for dressing her for the opening ceremony, a parade in which the tributes are drawn around the city circle on chariots.

Katniss and peeta are put on a train to begin their journey to the capitol. Katniss realizes that the pin Madge gave her is of a mockingjay, a bird that the capitol once genetically engineered to spy on the rebels during the war. The mockingjay could remember and then repeat entire conversations. However, the rebels quickly discovered this plan and began using the birds to deliver false information to the capitol. The capitol attempted to exterminate the birds but many survived in the untamed, forested area outside the districts. Because of this, the mockingjay is seen as a sign of rebellion to the capitol. On the train, katniss and peeta share a dinner with Effie trinket, who is escorting them.

Hunger Games ' movie doesn't

book report hunger games

The hunger Games: Catching Fire, wikipedia

Katniss, in shock, loudly shouts that she volunteers to take her sisters place in the games. A volunteer is allowed to take the place of the reapings winner but this has never happened before in District twelve. Katniss is taken onto the stage and Prim is allowed to go back to their mother. The name of the boy tribute, peeta mellark is also called. Katniss is further horrified by this as peeta, the bakers son, once showed artist kindness but giving her a loaf of bread when she was near starvation. Ever since that day, katniss has felt as though she has a connection with peeta and now she realizes that she will have to either watch him die in the games or kill him herself. Katniss and peeta are brought into the justice building and put in separate rooms.

Their families are allowed to visit them briefly before they are to be taken to the capitol. Katniss mother and sister arrive and Prim is upset by the idea that she will never see her sister again. She makes Katniss promise that she will try to win the games and Katniss, knowing that she will most likely die, agrees to pacify her sister and give her hope. Before they leave, katniss makes her mother promise that she wont fall into depression again after she is gone and that she will take care of Prim in the way that Katniss was forced to after her father died. After they leave, madge enters and sweetly gives Katniss a gold pin with a bird in the center page to wear to represent her district. Next, gale arrives and promises her that he wont let her family starve without her.

Once they reach the towns square, katniss, and her sister are separated as all of the eligible children are divided up by age and placed into sections in the crowd. When the reaping begins, the mayor gives a speech about the history of the. Hunger, games and the districts. The area that the districts now exist in was once known as the United States, however, due to global crisis and changing weather patterns, the United States and all of North America went to war and eventually dissolved. In its place, the country of Panem arose. Panem consists of a capitol and twelve districts.

Originally there were thirteen districts but the thirteenth rebelled and the capitols crushing defeat of it was the impetus for the. Every year, two children between the ages of twelve and eighteen, one boy and one girl, are picked from each district. These two children are referred to as tributes and sent to the capitol to fight the other tributes from the other districts in an all-out battle to the death in a large arena. At the end of the battle, one tribute remains and is crowned the winner. This tributes district then receives extra food and the tribute themselves gets to live in a mansion in the winners district of town. Katniss narration informs the reader that only two children from District twelve have ever won the games in the seventy-four years they have been running and only one of the winners is still alive. Effie trinket, an over-coiffed, high-voiced, clown-like citizen from the capitol is the districts representative whose job it is to select the names of the winners from a large glass bowl. Effie draws the name of the female tribute first: Primrose everdeen.

The hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1, wikipedia

Katniss and Gale catch some fish and then head back into town to writing sell the catches at a place called The hob, which is the trading post in town. They also stop by the mayors house to sell some strawberries that they picked and chat with the mayors teenage daughter, madge. Madge is dressed for the reaping and excited about the process. Gale is disgusted by this and becomes internally furious over the injustice of the reaping. Soon, katniss returns home to meet up with her mother and sister and go to the town square empire for the reaping. The reaping takes place annually and is mandatory for all citizens of the district to attend. Each reaping is televised and treated like a celebratory event.

book report hunger games

The two discuss running away and something called the reaping that is to be held that day. The reaping is a drawing that all of the districts children are entered in once they reach the age of twelve. Every year between the ages of twelve and eighteen, each childs name is entered in the drawing an addition time (once when you are twelve, twice when you are thirteen, etc.) and a child may choose to have their name entered as many extra times. Most of the poor families in town, including Katniss own, choose to accept the tessera because they need it in order to survive. As a result, many children of the district have their name entered into the reaping multiple times. Katniss herself notes that her name will be in twenty times this year, whereas Gale, who is eighteen, will have his entered forty-two times. Katniss sister Prim is being entered into the reaping for the first dissertation time that year but, as Katniss refused to let her take the tessera, prims name will only be in the drawing once.

through a hole in the fence whenever she wants to go hunting in the woods. She hunts using a bow that she made herself. Her father taught her to hunt before he died in an explosion down in the mines where he worked when she was eleven years old. Trespassing in the woods is strictly forbidden in the district but Katniss does not face much resistance from the townspeople or the guards who are called peacekeepers. She even sells her kills to the peacekeepers occasionally as well as the rest of the town. Most of the people in her district do not have enough food and poverty and malnutrition is rampant. In the woods, katniss meets up with her friend, gale. Gale is a boy katniss age whom she taught to hunt years earlier so that he could look after the needs of his own family.

The novel itself revolves around the main character, katniss everdeen, a teenage girl living words in an impoverished district of the war-ravaged future United States called Panem. Katniss is conscripted to fight in The, hunger, games, a country-wide spectacle in which teenagers are made to fight to the death in front of the entire country. The winner of the games is given a mansion and taken care of for the rest of their life. Katniss is enlisted along with another boy from her district, peeta mellark. Both teenagers endure many trials in their fight for survival in the arena but ultimately both are declared winners of the games. However, katniss discovers that managing to save peeta has angered the President of Panem and even as a winner she is not safe from his games. Summary, the book is narrated in the first person by the main character, katniss everdeen. In the first chapter, she awakens in bed to see her younger sister, Prim and their mother asleep in a bed across the room.

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The, hunger, games is a young Adult dystopian novel written by suzanne collins and published in 2008. The novel was an instant success and has since been awarded Publishers weeklys Best. Book of the year Award, the new York times Notable Childrens. Book of 2008 award and the california young reader Medal in 2011, among others. It was also on the new York times bestseller list for over 60 weeks. Over.5 million copies of the book were sold within the first really year of its release. It has received praise from critics and also fellow authors as notable as Stephen King and John Green. It has also been made into a feature film by lionsgate studio in 2012 along with the rest of The, hunger, games trilogy (Catching Fire 2009 and Mockingjay 2010). Collins has stated that she drew on ideas from Roman and Greek mythology and reality television to create the book.

book report hunger games
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  1. Hunger Games, book, review The, hunger Games is a the first book in a fantastic series of three books written. Or if you need to report abuse on the. Hunger Games, 2008 Author: suzanne e, hunger Games is the first book of the, hunger Games.

  2. The novel was an instant success. Hunger Games book report. The, hunger Games, author: suzanne collins main Characters: Major Characters: Katniss everdeen- a poor, sixteen-year old hunter who has to make some difficult decisions.

  3. Hunger Games is, family comes first. This shows in the story by when Prim s name was called, katniss was willing to sacrifice her own life for her sister s, by volunteering to take her place. Protagonist Katniss everdeen The. Hunger Games is a young Adult dystopian novel written by suzanne collins and published in 2008.

  4. Hunger Games is a novel written by suzanna collins. The book consists of 374 pages. Tell what the book is about. By: suzanne collins, book report by: Grace bayerle The main theme in the.

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