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easy english essay writing

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A common-place ending is no good. suit your style to the subject. Be simple as well as sincere in what you write. Be clear as well as brief. Be interesting as well as to the point. Do not write what you yourself dont understand. Make your sentences short. Avoid writing long and involved sentences.

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Collect material to fit your ideas and fill out your outline. Now begin to write the essay, dividing it into paragraphs. Try to make every paragraph and as clear, well-ordered, and complete as possible. Remember that a paragraph is a small essay, and that you cannot write a good essay unless you can write a good paragraph which is in itself a compact whole. . Further, all these paragraphs must be linked up in such a way as to make of he essay an organic unity. The essay should consist of introduction, body and conclusion. . make the introduction effective. keep the parts of the essay in proper proportion. Do not fill the body of the essay with irrelevant matter. Make the conclusion effective and satisfying.

The following hints will be found useful in writing an essay:. . devote at least ten minutes to understanding the subject. Plan out the essay biography first. Think over it, until ideas about it come into your mind. Jot down the various points on a piece of paper. Set down the plan. Arrange and group your ideas under different heads. Reject the points that are unsuitable. Arrange these heads in bare outline.

easy english essay writing

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The topics for argumentative essays are: (i) Who is more useful to the country—the soldier or the teacher? (ii) Who is more useful to the country-the soldier or the teacher? (iii) Is war justifiable? Imaginative essays : In an surgery imaginative essay the writer has full scope for his imagination. In writing such an essay, he has to place himself in a position of which he has had no actual experience. The topics for imaginative composition are: (i) If I were the Prime minister, (ii) The autobiography of a horse (iii) The Adventures of a rupee. How to write an Essay?

Subjects for Expository essays may be:. . Institution, industries, occupations (e.g. . Parliament, press, cottage. . industries, the sugar industry, gardening, photography, electroplating, etc). wireless, the telephone, the radio, astronomy, etc.). . the nature of poetry, the appreciation of a novel or play, the appreci-ation of an author, the romantic movement). quot;tions or sayings (e.g., The child is father of the man. Time is money, honesty is the best policy. Argumentative essays : In an Argumentative essay the writer is required to give his arguments for and against the proposition.

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easy english essay writing

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A fire, a river in shop flood, etc.) (iii a journey or voyage (iv) A Trip or Walk (v) Biographies (e.g., life of quaid-e-azam or Allama Iqbal) (vi) a real or Imaginary Story. Descriptive essay: a descriptive essay may consist of description of some place or thing. Descriptive composition may treat of such subject as the following: (i) Animals, plants, metals, etc. (such as the lion, the cow, iron, gold). (ii) Towns, buildings etc., of all kinds (such as my city, museums, bridges). (iii aspects and phenomena of Nature (such as the monsoon, a waterfall, a moonlit night) (iv). Manufactured articles (motor cars, radio, television).

(v) Character sketches. Description of favourite books. Reflective essays: a reflective essay consists of reflective upon some topic, which is generally of an abstract nature reflective composition may be on such subjects as the follow-: (i) Habits, feelings, and capacities (such as thrift, discipline, patriotism). (ii) Social, political, and domestic topics (such as riches and poverty, education, democracy, and co-operative system). (iii) Philosophical subjects (such as morality, righteousness, virtue, the meaning and purpose of life). (iv) Religious and theological topics (such as the power of prayer, the soul). Expository Essays: An Expository Essay consists of the position or explanation of some subjects.

Walker thinks of it as a short, incomplete and unsystematic  composition. Bacon defines it as dispersed  meditations. An essay may be written on any topic. . It may be whimsical or logical, autobiographical or satirical, highly imaginative or playful. Kinds of Essays, essays are generally divided into six classes, viz : (a)  Narrative (b)  Descriptive (c)  Reflective (d ex pository (e)  Argumentative (f)  Imaginative.

This division is useful, so long as it is remembered these are not the only divisions, and that there are essays which include the characteristics of more than one class example, a narrative essay may contain a good deal of description, and a descriptive essay may contain. Narrative essays: a narrative essay consists of the narration of some event, or series of events. Narrative composition may be on subjects as the following. (i)   Incidents (e.g. A  street  quarrel, a festival, a marriage). (ii)  All accident  or  disaster of Nature (e.g.

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Its an urban mystery, and it really annoys. The main reason the brief cell phone walkers and chaos riders make me feel annoyed is that they are both create unnecessary danger. There are many dangerous things in this world and with a little bit of thought we can be free of some of them. I hope one day, i will find an answer to the urban mystery of the chaos riders. What is an Essay? An essay is a short composition treating of a particular subject in a methodical and orderly manner. Etymologically, it means an attempt to express ones mind about a given subject-matter. Johnson, the famous literary essayist, defines it as a loose sally of mind, an irregular and disorderly composition. .

easy english essay writing

Their front wheel flicks as if to turn. You both turn back, panic! I have tried resume many ways to deal with this problem. If i am feeling brave, i keep left with my head down and avoid eye contact, they usually move over then. Another way is to just stop the bike and wait for them to pass. There is no pattern to this, just a few male, female, old and young riders that want to keep to the right side, so it is difficult to understand. I have asked many people if they know why this happens, but nobody can explain.

side of the pavement. On the roads, we must keep to the left, and everybody does this because they dont want to die in a car crash. Now, logically you would expect this keep left idea to be followed on the path as well, and it is mostly. However, i probably meet two or three people on my 10-kilometer ride to work that are going their own way. They will keep right and head straight for you. Then the chaos and confusion begins. Who will move over? What if we both move over?

I can do all sorts things while i am walking, play games, catch up on my social media and send messages to my friends. This multitasking saves me so much time, and I never get bored when i am going someplace because there is so much I can do online. Of course, i can only guess what they are thinking. Perhaps they are not thinking about anything at all except keeping their online friends up to date on every boring detail of their lives. It is bad enough that they get in everyones way by walking slowly, but worse than that, they rely on strangers to keep them safe from the everyday dangers that surround us all. It is a fact that multitasking increases the chance of falling over something, being robbed or hit by a car by fifty percent. When I see someone gazing at their cell the phone on the go, this is what they are saying.

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Justin Time , so Annoying, everyone is different thats what makes life interesting. I think i am an easy-going, calm person, but there are a couple of things that writers annoy me almost every day. A person walking down the street looking at their smartphone is hard to bare, but when people ride their bicycles on the wrong side of the path, it makes me want to cry. It bothers me when I see someone using a cell phone while walking along the street. It says so many things. Hey, look at me i have the new iPhone. How cool is that?

easy english essay writing
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How to Write an English Essay? If you follow the methods and structure suggested below your English essay should be easier to write, easier to read, and score higher.

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