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pharma resume

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Griptides targeting Ras: Mcgee, jh, shim, sy, verdine, gl, exceptionally high-affinity ras binders that remodel its effector domain. Our people leadership founders board Advisors Investors FogPharma has assembled a world-class Scientific Advisory board that includes renowned experts in the Wnt pathway / β-catenin, cancer biology, translational medicine, and immuno-oncology.  These advisors work in close collaboration with the fogPharma scientists to design, guide, and accelerate fogPharmas drug discovery and development programs. Gerald and Darlene jordan Professor of Medicine, harvard University director, center for Regenerative medicine, massachusetts General Hospital keith Flaherty,. Professor, medicine, harvard Medical School Director of Henri and Belinda termeer Center for Targeted Therapy and Director of Clinical Research, massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Barbara weber,. President and ceo, tango Therapeutics Venture partner, Third Rock ventures FogPharma derives its financial support from a unique syndicate of extraordinary private and institutional investors. Our investors, together with the fogPharma team, share a passion to write the future of medicine. Institutional Investors: Careers At FogPharma we are deeply committed to our mission of adding years to life and life to years by creating a new class of breakthrough medicines to radically improve treatment outcomes for cancer patients.

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In these cancers, the activations are all upstream of or in β-catenin; our antagonists are expected to block all Wnt-driven cancers, irrespective of their specific pathway mutation. Recently, the laboratory of our scientific advisory board member. Thomas Gajewski showed that Wnt pathway activation also plays an important role in tumors going cold, avoiding invasion by cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Β-catenin antagonist ulysses might be useful in two distinct and potentially synergistic ways; as an anti-oncogene to block tumor cell proliferation and as an immuno-oncology drug to promote tumor clearance by cytotoxic T cells. . FogPharma is actively pursuing both of these indications in pre-clinical models. Β-catenin has multiple interacting partners and interference with any one of them may be therapeutically beneficial. FogPharma is developing multiple series writing of drugs, each of which binds β-catenin at a unique site and blocks a particular interaction. These series will be developed initially as single agents, but the companys long-term goal is to use them in combination to stave off the emergence of resistance. Publications, the role of β-catenin in tumor evasion of the immune response: Spranger, s, bao, r, gajewski, tf, melanoma-intrinsic β-catenin signaling prevents anti-tumor immunity. Nature 2015, 523, 231-235. Invention of stapled peptides: Schafmeister, ce, po, j, verdine, gl, an All-Hydrocarbon Cross-Linking System for Enhancing the helicity and Metabolic Stability of Peptides.

Helicons greatly improve upon the original system, providing enhanced physical and pharmacologic properties, and enabling extensive structural variation of the staple itself to optimize affinity and cell-penetration. 2, pro-locks: This system affords peptides of 8-11 amino acids with a designed N-terminal capping system. Pro-locks have been shown to exhibit significant levels of oral bioavailability in rats. 3, griptides: These molecules consist of two tightly paired α-helices, and can engage even the most challenging targets with extraordinarily high affinity and specificity. For example, a griptides has been discovered that targets all Ras isoforms with an affinity below 200. Key program, fogPharmas the key program aims to discover and develop direct-acting antagonists of β-catenin. . β-catenin is a key signaling hub in the Wnt pathway, which is activated by pathway mutations in nearly all colorectal cancers and a significant number of cancers of the liver, breast, prostate, endometrium and lung, among others. .

pharma resume

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What FogPharmas cpmps do, cell-penetrating miniproteins (cpmps) combine the target-engagement power of biologics with the cell-entry ability of small molecules and therefore have the potential to be a game-changing new-modality solution to the challenge of drugging refractory disease drivers. Our cpmp platforms, drugging the Undruggable in Cancer with cpmps. Undruggable targets are especially problematic writing in cancer, because all three of the most prevalent drivers of cancer ras, myc and β-catenin have thus far eluded all efforts to be drugged. Mutationally deranged Ras proteins together account for 35 percent of all cancers, gene amplifications in Myc for 25 percent and mutational activation of β-catenin for 15 percent. Research began in the verdine lab at Harvard and further developed at FogPharma has clearly demonstrated that Ras and β-catenin are targetable by cpmps. Cpmps are polypeptides that have been rendered pharmacologically effective by introduction of a structural brace. This brace locks the peptide into its bioactive three-dimensional structure and can engage the target directly, giving the cpmp high affinity for targets that cannot be bound tightly by small molecules. The brace also confers cell-penetrating ability on the cpmp, dramatically increasing in vivo essay stability and circulating half-life. Our 3 Distinct cpmp platforms 1, helicons: The original hydrocarbon-stapled peptide platform and dual Hdm2/x antagonists, invented in the verdine lab, have given rise to the first stapled peptide to achieve proof-of-concept in humans, with alrn 6924 in Phase ii clinical development.

FogPharmas cell-penetrating miniproteins (cpmps) are a broad new class of medicines that can drug targets beyond the reach of conventional therapeutics. Together with world-leading experts and collaborators in cancer biology and therapy, our team is building a drug discovery powerhouse having passion, knowledge, and creativity to develop fundamentally new cancer treatments. FogPharma derives financial support from a unique syndicate of extraordinary private and institutional investors. FogPharmas network of friends includes our founders, employees, investors, advisors, collaborators, and cancer patients; all working together to pioneer a unique approach toward conquering cancer. We are laser-focused and unstoppable in our mission to deliver the new class of medicines to patients and their families to bring them years to life and life to years. Our History, our Science, limitations of Current Drug Modalities. The two well-established drug modalities, small molecules and biologics, have saved tens of millions of lives, but they are not a universal solution to all drug discovery challenges. . biologics strongly engage targets, but are too large and polar to cross the outer cell membrane, making them useful to less than 10 percent of extracellular human targets. Similarly, small molecules can access intracellular targets but are limited by their surface area and engage only about 10 percent of all targets.

Pharma, resume, format/ Sample/ Model - download Best cv's

pharma resume

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Resumes can also be presented without selecting job opportunities via 'resume Upload' or by email to, free of charge. Supercharge your career with tools to sail through even the most challenging hiring processes and come out a winner. Discover how to: avoid the "Resume Black hole create the right key words, score interview invitations during phone calls. And arm yourself without for the minefield of face-to-face interviews. Visit m For your Personal Career Advisor and successful job searches Call or email). Never before has science made such revolutionary progress in advancing our understanding of cancer, with new treatments approved every year.

Yet we still face an uphill battle to save the lives of patients suffering from cancer and prevent relapse due to drug resistance. Why are the mainstays of treatment for most advanced cancers still toxic recipes that deprive patients of their quality of life? At FogPharma, we believe we have the answer; a new and unique drug modality that is better for patients, bringing them life to years and years to life. FogPharma is pioneering the discovery and development of cell-penetrating miniproteins (cpmps which are specifically designed to target cancer-causing proteins inside cancer cells and neutralize them. About Us, fogPharma was blinds born from the scientific and entrepreneurial vision of founder Greg Verdine, a pioneer in the discovery and development of new drug classes that drug the undruggable.

Technology: Pharm-Tech, tech-Ops, Scale-Up, Transfers, new Product launches. Engineering: Packaging, Process, Project, Plant, reliability, quality Engineering, maintenance, automation, opex, ehs. Manufacturing: Commercial clinical Production, packaging, dea compliance, validation. Quality Operations: qa, qc, quality compliance, microbiology, lab Management. O ther: Technical operational Support, hr business Partnerships.

The "Passive" Talent pool! (The other 98 the maximum opening rate for all internet recruiting is about. . The so-called "success rate" is a disappointing. . But we can reach the other 98 and we will find your candidate from among the best. . Or email: candidate services, supercharge your Career! Free job Listings, click on m to review current jobs. Apply free of charge. Jobs can be selected by location, product or job category and in any combination of these search criteria.

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ProtechPharma(R talent Discovery partners for Pharmaceutical and other Life Science Industries Nationwide. About us: protechpharma(R) began operations in New York city in 1986. We are a nationwide full-service recruiting organization for Technical, Operational and Science positions spondylolisthesis in Pharmaceutical and other Life Science manufacturing and r d centers. We are committed to quality, integrity and confidentiality, compliance with non-discrimination laws and to upholding the highest ethical standards in the industry. our Specialties, manufacturers and r d centers in, apis, biotech, medical devices, nutritionals, otc drugs pharmaceuticals. Inhalables, Injectables, liquids, powders, semi-solids, soft-gel, solid Dose, sprays, topicals, Transdermals. Science: Drug Discovery development, formulations, methods, cmc.

pharma resume

Teacher to sales Pharmaceutical Sales Careers looking for advice from those who are in pharma sales or recruit for pharma sales. I have always been interested in sales and at the same time i was applying to graduate schools for my teaching certificate, i was also applying to pharma. Read More go to the forums » Latest Articles 5 Tips to a winning Job-search Strategy If you want to get your dream job, take some time to learn and master these five skills that will set you apart from the crowd and make you. More medZilla Articles » view our Newest Jobs by city jobs in New York and Long Island, jobs in Los Angeles, long beach and Santa Ana, jobs in Chicago, jobs in Dallas and Fort Worth, jobs in houston and baytown, jobs in Philadelphia and Wilmington. MedZilla is a registered Trademark owned by medzilla Inc. All custom graphics, icons, logos service names are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of MedZilla Inc. All other trademarks, service marks, and graphics are the property of their respective owners and are used report with permission.

explore job openings from these top Medzilla employers. Search all companies view our Newest Jobs by State. Jobs in Arizona, jobs in California, jobs in Colorado, jobs in Florida, jobs in Illinois, jobs in Indiana, jobs in Kansas, jobs in Maryland, jobs in Massachusetts, jobs in nevada, jobs in New Jersey, jobs in New York, jobs in North Carolina, jobs in Ohio. Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs, biotechnology jobs, manager Jobs, jobs In Research, business development Jobs Hot Topics on Our Forums What cros provide tuition reimbursement Clinical Research Careers icon offers up to 7K per calendar year for tuition reimbursement. Eligibility begins the 1st of the following month after date of hire. What cros provide tuition reimbursement Clinical Research Careers Just wonder what cro provide tuition reimbursement or yearly allowance for school. I am not asking about pmp or acrp fees for exams etc. This would be for some one that wants to get their mba, law degree etc.

Log appointments in company database and print out next day calendar for delivery to each sales representatives. Contact existing customers to educate them resume about new services and up sell products. Assist in the development and preparation of sales scripts while training other telemarketing representatives. Compile names, personal information, questions and comments from potential customers. Encourage customers to fill out surveys for market research purposes. Solicit prospective customers to meet for marketing staff for product demonstrations. More marketing and Sales Resume Examples. Telemarketer Resume Example by, resume companion, related Posts. Marketing Resume Example, this marketing resume sample was converted from a reverse Chronological to a modified Functional format.

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Resume example for sales professional with job experience as Telemarketer. This document provides a good reference for anyone with inside sales or telephone marketing job targets. The resume begins with a career objective that is a cross between objective statements and a summary essay of experience working in marketing for a fortune 500 company. The job experience uses a company name and location as the main heading with the job title and dates as the secondary heading. The statements identify key job tasks and occasionally achievements. This professional has experience in telephone sales, sales scripts, appointment scheduling, market surveys, and business contact management. Education and Additional skills are at the bottom. The candidate also notes their fluency in Spanish and English. Telemarketer Resume Example, telemarketer Resume Statements, call potential customers to schedule appointments utilizing inside sales lists.

pharma resume
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Essay : William, shakespeare, william. Ethos definition: An ethos is the set of ideas and attitudes that is associated with a particular group.

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  1. This is a bibliography of works by the English novelist and essayist Virginia wool. A checklist of things to look for and ask about when interviewing a potential investigator. Com are meant for research purposes only.

  2. Ltd., mumbai, maharashtra, india. FogPharma was born from the scientific and entrepreneurial vision of founder Greg Verdine, a pioneer in the discovery and development of new drug classes that drug the undruggable.

  3. If you feel you have a unique skill set that would be of interest to us, please provide us the following information along with your updated resume. Telemarketer Resume Example for professional with experience in telephone sales, support and service. Chemical Industry recruitment Company providing services such as Chemicals Industry jobs, Pharmaceutical Industry jobs, Chemical Industry recruiters from Delta recruitment Consultants Pvt.

  4. La mina 28770 Colmenar viejo, madrid, Spain vat: esa-78267176. Our goal is to tame cancer by developing innovative oncology therapeutics harnessing the immune system and targeting specific molecular pathways learn More pipeline our pipeline includes four product candidates that target multiple malignacies. Sentiss is committed to providing the best quality pharmaceutical products primarily in the Ophthalmic ent and Inhalation segments. We are constantly on the lookout for skilled professionals.

  5. Our motivated workforce with unified purpose is built on knowledge management and developing potential. A career at agio promises individual growth in a work environment that encourages creativity and spurs collective progressive thought. Agio provides a common ground for professionals to interact constructively, meet new challenges and steer a spirited company to new horizons. De los reyes, 1 Pol.

  6. Avalon Pharma is a brand of Middle east Pharmaceutical Industries Company - saudi Arabia (mecp-sa) and one of the middle east's leading providers of health solutions for a broad spectrum of patients and health needs. Vacancies in pharma marketting for all the posts. Medzilla, the original and best place to find your next job or career in Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medicine, healthcare and Science. Serving professionals and employers with excellence since 1994.

  7. Pharma sales Resume Example for professional with experience in prescription drug sales and pharmaceutical sales. For Employers & Job seekers. In Pharmaceutical and other Life Sciences Industries Nationwide.

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