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gay marriage essay hook

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This essay originally appeared in the. So right now i have "Equal rights for everyone, except some." and i don't feel like it's very strong, so if you have any suggestions on it or for a new one, i would really appreciate it -and please don't give me your opinion. Similar Asks: Essay on"/marriage. so far ive got and intro and a body paragraph and they both suck. Please i would love your tips and suggestions! Virgina des rieux once said Marriage is a lottery in which men stake their liberty and women their happiness. To some this statement may.

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Certainly it will have a considerably less corrosive effect on society than the prevalence of divorce and aim out-of-wedlock childbearing. If conservatives are worried about destigmatizing homosexuality, that's already happening. If they're worried this will lead to hordes of new "recruits" for the "other team" (as. Seinfeld put it that's not going to happen. Homosexuality always has been and always will be the preference of a tiny minority; most of us are biologically hard-wired for heterosexuality. Since the ultimate concern of conservatives is to preserve the institution of marriage, they would probably be better off caving on gay marriage rather than acceding to the most popular alternative: civil union. Gay marriages won't affect straights. But if civil union laws were to catch on, as Jonathan rauch argues in his provocative new book, gay marriage, many heterosexuals would probably eschew marriage altogether. That would be worse for society than seeing Rosie o'donnell get hitched. A senior fellow at the council on Foreign Relations, max boot wrote savage wars of peace: Small Wars and the rise of American Power (Basic books, 2002).

But that will only delay the words legalization of gay marriage; it won't stop it in most places. The massachusetts judges whose diktat led to gay marriages in that state aren't operating in outer space. They are only slightly ahead of the societal consensus, just as the supreme court was only slightly ahead of the societal consensus when it legalized abortion in 1973. Nowadays, no matter what the court says, there isn't a state in the union that would illegalize abortion (though some might pass more restrictions than the justices would allow). In a few years, that may be true of gay marriage as well. Faced with virtually inevitable defeat, republicans would be wise not to expend too much political capital pushing for a gay marriage amendment to the constitution. They will only make themselves look "intolerant" to soccer moms whose views on this subject, as on so many others, will soon be as liberal as elite opinion already. The good news, from the conservative point of view, is that it's hard to imagine that legalizing gay marriage will make much difference in the lives of most people.

gay marriage essay hook

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They argue, first, that we shouldn't tamper with thousands of literature years of tradition that holds that marriage is between a man and a woman. But 141 years ago we tampered with an equally old tradition: slavery. Their second argument is the slippery slope first gay marriage gets legalized, then polygamy, pederasty, incest, great and who knows what. But this kind of reductio ad absurdum can be applied to just about anything. If liquor is legal for adults, why not for children? Society always draws the line somewhere. The final and strongest argument of gay marriage opponents: Don't let courts or a handful of mayors change the law on their own. Let's debate this democratically.

Many people may still believe that, but that's no longer a tenable argument in our secularized politics. Supreme court struck down anti-sodomy laws last year. The Episcopal Church has appointed an openly gay bishop. Many newspapers carry the equivalent of wedding announcements for gays. Same-sex kisses, once shockingly daring, are now almost as common on tv as commercials for levitra or Prozac. Given this seismic cultural shift, anyone who makes avowedly moral arguments against homosexuality now gets treated the same way homosexuals were treated only a few years ago as a sex-mad pervert. Traditionalists have tried to put forward various nonmoral arguments against gay marriage, but none is particularly convincing.

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gay marriage essay hook

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Contraception and abortion once taboo topics have been enshrined into law. The rates of premarital sex, out-of-wedlock births, and divorce have soared since the 1950s (though lately most of these indexes have leveled off or declined slightly). In based school, prayer is out; sex education. On tv, characters used to say "gee whiz" and sleep in twin beds; now they curse as if they had tourette's syndrome and flash skin as if they were gypsy rose lee. This doesn't mean that America is in cultural decline; no one who saw the response to 9/11 can think we are soft or decadent. It does mean there is little mystery about how the latest culture war over gay marriage will turn out.

Opponents of same-sex marriages may have most of the public on their side for now, but they've already all but lost this battle. How do i know? Simply by looking at the arguments being advanced by both sides. Advocates of same-sex marriage speak in the powerful language of civil rights and liken their cause to that of African Americans fighting anti-miscegenation laws in years past. And what do opponents say in response? Once upon a time, the case would have been open and shut: Sodomy is a sin, period.

The straight society has grouped all gays into the same category and stereotyped them as being promiscuous, uncommitted, shallow, vain, or stuck. That is not the case at all. In every country, city, town or village there are people who are like that and yes, some of those people may be gay but that does not give you the right to group all gays into that category. Most gay and lesbian people are exactly that; people, they want love, they want to live long and be happy. Just like people of the straight society, they are no different and deserve the same rights as everyone else. Pretend for two minutes that your younger sister or brother turns out to be lesbian or gay and when they find their true love and want to get married, they can't.

You will never attend their wedding or see the look on their face when the love of their life walks down the aisle towards them. Most arguments against gay marriage dont hold up when faced with close scrutiny because the points given and the feelings of the opponent dont make much sense after being held up to the light of reason. President Obama said no one in America should ever have to be afraid to walk down the street holding the hands of the person they love. President, you got it right! Just because someone loves another person of the same gender does not mean they cannot love, it does not mean they are anything less than human, it does not mean you have the right to discriminate against them and it sure as hell does not. Love is love and thats that no matter if youre gay or not; we all deserve love and no one can take that from. For decades, social conservatives have been fighting and losing culture wars.

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What is being promoted is equality and tolerance. Legalizing gay marriage would not stop the discrimination but it would lower the rate significantly, accordingly making the rate of people who commit suicide or consider committing suicide go down. In a 2008 study of four hundred gay, lesbian and bisexual people they discovered one in seven reported living in fear of homophobic violence. This fear was justified in that nearly eighty five percent of those tested had been subjected to some form of homophobic violence or harassment in their lifetimes and one in two had experienced homophobic harassment or other non-physical abuse in the past two years. Its not fair nor is it ok that people have to live in fear of showing who they are because they are afraid of getting harassed or discriminated against because. There are a lot of misconceptions good that come along with the word homosexuality and what it really is, along with an enormous amount of stereo-types such as all gays are promiscuous and are just interested in sleep around. Stereotypes surrounding gay relationships are even more atrocious; its been said that there is no way they can have a long lasting relationship, and the relationships they do have are shallow and uncommitted. Gays do have those types of relationships! But, the first thing you need to remember is: In the straight society, where those relationships also exist only do so in small amounts of people and primarily happen very young.

gay marriage essay hook

Two teenagers and a man were lured into an apartment by Bronx community college by the anti- gay group where they were sodomized, beat, burnt and tortured for hours strictly because of their sexual orientation (Dolnick). How can that be considered acceptable? More recently in a small town in Texas tucked between Dallas and Fort worth there were eighteen reports of gay and lesbian couples finding derogatory slander such as queer and faggot graffiti on their car or home (Wright). The discrimination and hate they face is grotesque and unacceptable at the least but, it seems it is simply swept under the rug most of the time. Men and woman who face discrimination because of their sexual orientation suffer from low self-esteem, are more likely to suffer from mental health issues and were more likely to commit suicide. Some believe that marriage goes hand in hand with procreation and that is why gays should not be allowed to marry because they cannot pro create. If all marriage was about was procreation then in fertile hetero couples should also not be allowed to wed because they cannot produce. Its been said that giving same sex couples the right to marry will ruin the idea of traditional marriage but what they dont realize is that traditional marriage went journals out the window all to many years ago; there are marriages and family arrangements based. Again, people have said that legalizing gay marriage would make homosexuality promoted in schools, but they dont take into consideration that gay marriage is already legal in some states and many foreign countries, including Canada; but never once has there been someone point out that.

children and the number of orphaned children would go down. A study in 2007 done by doctors out of Europe concluded that marriage gives the people involved both physical and psychological health benefits; denying gay and lesbian partners the right to marry shows it could be hazardous towards the health of same sex couples; having. Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage in 2004, between the years of divorce rates lowered 21; in turn Massachusetts had the lowest divorce rate across the country. Adoption, marriage, health care and personal health among many more are all civil human rights gays and lesbians are denied; no one should have the power to take away what makes the gay population human beings. Members of the gay community are discriminated against every day because of their sexual orientation. Not being allowed to publicly celebrate their love is not the only problem they face. Gay and lesbian people face hate crimes every day. On October 9th 2010 in New York city three gay males were attacked and subjected to torture by nine people who call themselves the latin king goonies.

Then you get to gay marriage ; that is where the talk of equality stops. Why so much controversy? Granting legal marriage rights under the law must extend to gay and lesbian couples to ensure that all citizens enjoy full human rights, no longer face discrimination and are not subject to being stereotyped by the straight society. Gay and lesbian couples are denied basic human rights because of who they love. Not only is the gay population not allowed to marry whom they want, but they are denied many basic human rights because of their sexual orientation. The federal law called the family medical leave act grants twelve weeks of unpaid leave to allow them to care for their ill or injured significant other, however this does not apply to gay and lesbian partners because they are not the laws definition. Not only that, but depending on the state essay or even the city hospitals will or will not allow someone to visit their same sex partner when visits are restricted to family only; nor will they let them make decisions for their partners medical treatment.

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The government could exist to establish that the rights of minorities are no longer subjected, are in no way subjected, to the will of the universal public. The rights of people who belong to a minority team could consistently be secure by using distinctive function of their status as electorate, regardless of their numbers. Those rights shouldn't in any respect be left susceptible to the impulses of the universal public. That's review the reason referendums which comprise prop 8 offend the purpose of the government and the rights of people? 2 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down. Is it our right to deny a right? You could ask anyone and seventy five precent of people will say, yes, gays deserve the same rights in housing, jobs, government benefits, equal law protection and public accommodation.

gay marriage essay hook
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Unlike most editing proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, more. Gay marriage Essay by kuryenenburysevern (Jordayyniseffinamazing) with 8,506 it our right to deny a right?

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