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some autobiography

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Not only had my destination been planned ahead, but my elders had seen to it that their plans did not miscarry and I had been provided with unalienable wherewithals to get there. Wise old birds, my elders. They had a hunch, based upon experience, that I might run out of cash before i got to the other side of the ocean, as I had been stranded before on much shorter trips. So they had furnished me with a prepaid railroad fare to pittsburgh by way of New York. If they hadn't, boston and I would have got acquainted that very drizzling Sunday. As it was, i did not leave the dock and with the rest of the new York bound immigrants I waited on that pier until a special train picked us up about. M., and twelve solid hours in the cold, in the mud and without a thing to eat.

Assata: An Autobiography: Assata Shakur, Angela davis

I still had the maternal blessing with which I had set sail but that was all. The 200 had dwindled down.50 on the way over and a card sharp had taken me for most of it and the tips and the bar the rest. My buoyant frame of mind was buoyant no longer—it was top heavy. In fact, i stood there with my elders' assurances still ringing in my ears, ready to pick up the gold, but forced into the realization that I had been grossly duped. There was no gold at my feet or yellow nuggets strewn about; only mud—plain mud—sticky, black mud an inch dvd deep which extended from the landing to the gate and beyond it away up the street as far as the naked eye could see. And I had come all the way from Italy, over five thousand nautical miles of deep, blue water, to find nothing but mud and shattered dreams of untold wealth easily acquired. The reason why boston did not see much more of me at that time, on that particular occasion, must not be homework ascribed to snobbery on my part. It was that my destination had been planned in advance back home and the change had not been made on my part. I had been destined for Pittsburgh, the "Smoky city" of Pennsylvania, as the presumptive abode of some fifth cousin of some third cousin of ours. Allegedly, he was a railroad contractor, but in reality one not beyond petty pilfering during the slack season in grand larceny. Which goes to show that allegations in general, whether in court or elsewhere, must be taken with a grain of salt.

Broke right from the start, my entire resources in cash amounting.50. Less than two weeks before i had left Italy with 200, a maternal blessing and a buoyant frame of mind, bound for the United States. I had sailed on a definite mission and with a definite purpose; on a cinch, to get rich. "go and make a fortune and then come back —had urged my elders—just like that and just as if amassing a fortune in America was something which could not be helped. "you can't miss it —they had insisted to overcome my hesitancy. "In the United States the streets are actually strewn with gold; all you have to do is stoop and pick." The events of later years showed that there was more truth bill than poetry in my elder's forecast. In fact, it has been my experience that I did not even have to stoop down to pick up the gold. In 1920 it was actually tossed into my lap; not by the pennyweight and with a teaspoon, but in large lumps and with a steam shovel. Nevertheless, right after landing, as I was standing on the company's dock, on American soil, my predicament was much too critical.

some autobiography

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Immigrants of various nationalities, but predominantly fruit Italians. Most of them had travelled in steerage, some in first or second class. But they were all immigrants. They were all men, women or children who had left their native country and come to America, temporarily or for good, with the common purpose of finding better wages, better living conditions and greater economic independence. I was one of those immigrants; one of the motley crowd oozing out of the ship's side; a diminutive figure bedecked in expensive clothes of the latest European cut and followed down the gang-plank by a couple of stewards laden with several pieces of baggage. There was nothing in my appearance to suggest the bread winner; nothing that could even be remotely associated with the thought of manual labor, of work of any kind; of economic penury. From tie to spats, i looked like a million dollars just out of the mint; like a young gentleman of leisure, perhaps like the scion of wealthy parents on a pleasure tour. And that goes to show that appearances don't mean a thing. In fact, i was in a jam right then and there—in an economic ham and a critical predicament at that and five thousand miles away from home and five hundred or more miles away from my ultimate destination, in a strange country, with no friends.

From the expanse of the Atlantic, they seemed to converge upon a point between Castle and governor's Island and blow with added force along the path of the narrow ship channel, beating up thousands of white-caps from a dirty and murky looking sea surface. On that Sunday morning the. Vancouver of the Old Dominion Line could be seen coming up the boston harbor shortly after 8 o'clock. She was progressing slowly and majestically, pitching occasionally where the channel was deeper and rougher. In those days, a ten-thousand-ton vessel was no fishing boat and the vancouver was well justified to feel as self-conscious of her size as a modern Cunarder. A little ways up the harbor, the ship pulled up alongside the company's pier in East Boston. The gang planks were lowered. A motley crowd of passengers who had been lining the decks began to ooze out of her side and onto the dock.

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some autobiography

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Canadian border aren't in it any more." "For Ponzi makes everybody rich quick. Loan him your money, from fifty writing dollars to fifty thousand dollars, and in 180 days he gives you back twice as much as you gave him. He has been doing it for eight months and he is still." "With no other security than his personal note, boston is pouring all its savings into ponzi's hands. Like a tidal wave, the passion for investment with the new Italian banker has swept over Boston folk until it took half of the boston's police force to subdue the enthusiasm of a throng of prospective investors overflowing from the banking office, through the corridors. When, according to the rochester Times-Union, "a man untaught in finance shows Wall Street and the greatest financiers in the world that they are pikers, whether the ponzi bubble bursts or not, the American people will take off their hats to a fellow so clever.

Reeve explained it, although Ponzi might be "a product of conditions his success is nevertheless the result of his own remarkable personality. Not every one can step out on a street cornel and persuade the passersby by the thousands to give him their pay envelopes—even on a chance of a return as great as 400 percent a year." And the washington evening Star agreed that "whether. Ponzi lands in boston with.50 of state street finance. November 15, 1903, was a sunday. A fall day typical of the new England shores, with a fine, steady drizzle blown in by an icy east wind over miles and miles of ocean. One of those exasperating days on which only the sacred cod-fish of Massachusetts would defy the elements along Tremont Street and around the boston Common without a diving suit. In the harbor and on the waterfront, the drizzle and the east wind were even more intense.

This baby can turn decimal points into commas on almost any bank-book. The way that Ponzi has money here and in Europe goes to prove that half of the world are squirrels and the other half nuts. The only thing that's got 'em worried is that they don't know which side is furnishing the nuts." "Worried" isn't the half. According to miss Marguerite. Mooers Marshall, a staff writer for the. New York evening World, ponzi had them in a frenzy.

Listen to what she said:— "Whoever said that proud old New Englanders are conservative, undoubtedly made that statement before the advent of Charles Ponzi. Boston is get-rich-quick mad over him, the creator of fortunes, the modern King. Midas who doubles your money in ninety days. Did I say boston? I should have said the entire new England, from Calais, maine to lake champlain, from the canadian border to new Jersey." "At every corner, on the street-cars, behind the department store counters, from luxurious parlors to humble kitchens, to the very outskirts. New England, ponzi is making more hope, more anxiety, than any conquering general of old. Mary pickford, sir Thomas Lipton and smuggling booze over the.

Mark Twain"tions - satan

He makes your money gain 50 percent in 45 days, which is as much as the landlords. He delivers the goods with postage stamps, which is more than Burleson does. The way ponzi juggles the reds and the greens, he makes Post Office look like a child's game. He simply buys stamps in Europe while the rest of the boys are buying souvenir post cards. And a postage stamp is still worth two cents slogan in spite of the service you get for it, and any yap knows that you cannot get stuck on postage stamps unless you sit on the gluey side." "Ponzi's way is cheaper than making money. The way he's got it fixed with postage stamps, the government does the printing for him. He stretches a dollar into a million with all his sleeves rolled. You furnish the dollar and Ponzi tosses in the six zeros in back.

some autobiography

"Concerning the jews satan must have been pretty simple, even according to the new Testament, or he wouldn't have led Christ up on a high mountain and offered him the world if he would fall down and worship him. That was a manifestly absurd proposition, because Christ, as the son of God, already owned the world; and besides, what Satan showed him was only a few rocky acres of Palestine. It is just as if some one should try to buy rockefeller, the owner of all the Standard Oil Company, with a gallon of kerosene., mark Twain, a biography. In matters of finance even the piousest of our peasants would have more confidence in an arrangement with the devil than with an archangel. "The Chronicle of young Satan". quot;tions newspaper Articles Special features links students search. Ponzi, "Ponzi is the guy who put the crease in Croesus wrote neal o'hara for the, boston Traveler toward the end of July, 1920. "he is the guy that ran up millions from a two-cent stamp. If five-spots were snowflakes, ponzi would be a three day blizzard." "you've got to hand it to his credit.

thing we ought to be willing to do for anyone who is under a cloud. We may not pay him reverance, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents. A person who has for untold centuries maintained the imposing position of spiritual head of four-fifths of the human race, and political head of the whole of it, must be granted the possession of executive abilites of the loftiest order. In his large presence the other popes and politicians shrink to midgets for the microscope. I would like to see him. I would rather see him and shake him by the tail than any member of the european concert.

In his large presence the other popes politicians shrink to midgets for the microscope. He hasn't a single salaried helper; resume The Opposition employs a million. mark Twain's notebook #42, adam was not alone in the garden of Eden, however, and does not deserve all the credit; much is due to eve, the first woman, and Satan, the first consultant. I have always felt friendly toward Satan. Of course that is ancestral; it must be in the blood, for I could not have originated., autobiography of Mark Twain, i have no special regard for Satan; but I can at least claim that I have no prejudice against him. It may even be that I lean a little his way, on account of his not having a fair show. All religions issue bibles against him, and say the most injurious things about him, but we never hear his side. We have none but evidence for the prosecution and yet we have rendered the verdict. To my mind, this is irregular.

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Featured Article, thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,916,516 for times. Did this article help you? Mark Twain"tions - satan, directory of Mark Twain's maxims,"tions, and various opinions: a,. D e, f g, h i, j k, l m, n o,. R s, t u, v w, x y, z satan, but who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most, our one fellow and brother who most needed a friend yet had not a single one, the one sinner among us all who had the highest. Illustration by "Dwig" from the, dave thomson collection, illustration by "Dwig" from the, dave thomson collection, a person who has for untold centuries maintained the imposing position of spiritual head of four-fifths of the human race, and political head of the whole of it, must.

some autobiography
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T he value of Yoganandas. Autobiography is greatly enhanced by the fact that it is one of the few books in English about the wise men of India which has been written, not by a journalist or foreigner, but by one of their own race and training—in short,.

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  1. For more than forty years Miles davis has been in the front rank of American music. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. It was about this time i conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.

  2. Assata: An Autobiography, assata Shakur, Angela davis. Free shipping on qualifying offers. On may 2, 1973, Black panther Assata Shakur (aka joanne Chesimard) lay in a hospital. Miles: The autobiography, miles davis, quincy Troupe.

  3. Anyone who has lived a full life has something fascinating to share with the world. The trick to writing an autobiography is to treat it like any good story: it should have a protagonist. Complete text of the. Autobiography of, benjamin Franklin.

  4. An autobiography (from the Greek, ατός-autos self βίος-bios life γράφειν-graphein to write) is a self-written account of the life of oneself. The word autobiography was first used deprecatingly by william taylor in 1797 in the English periodical The monthly review, when he suggested the word as a hybrid, but condemned. Dec 31, 2017 how to Write an Autobiography.

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