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Andrea doria: a journey of Adventure." pcgs 80017784. X usa, 1 silver certificate, series 1935D, serial Y21925991F, salvaged from the Andrea doria (1956 in large pcgs currency capsule and promotional case, grade "A." Scarer series from the Andrea doria with only 2D notes recovered from the shipwreck's first class safe. Good example with original ink colors, light staining and degradation along both left and right sides. Andrea doria: a journey of Adventure." pcgs 80016841. X Back to top Daniel Frank sedwick, llc - po box 1964 winter Park, fl 32790 Phone 407.975.3325). Paper Cube Wholesale, office school Supplies Suppliers - alibaba.

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However, safety measures kept the Andrea essay doria afloat for 11 hours, long enough for the survivors to evacuate. All together, 46 people died aboard the Andrea doria while 6 crew members of the Stockholm were killed. Divers descended upon the wreck just a day after its sinking to find it lying on its starboard side at a depth of about 250 feet, far too deep for recreational diving. Since then, through the advances in diving equipment, technical divers are able to reach the wreck. However, heavy currents, silt clouds and the depth still make the Andrea doria a difficult wreck to dive, earning it the nickname "the mount everest of wreck diving." Regardless, the allure of the ship's luxury and artifacts still on board bring divers back again and. Please note there is an shipping and insurance charge of 17 on this item. (Note these pieces are also listed under Shipwreck coins Category) usa, 1 silver certificate, series 1935E, serial W61349450H, salvaged from the Andrea doria (1956 in large pcgs currency capsule and promotional case, grade "A." High quality note, above average even for Grade a (defined. The note is encased in a lucite holder contained in a display box and comes with a salvager's certificate and a promotional dvd entitled "S.S. Andrea doria: a journey of Adventure." pcgs 80019089. X usa, 1 silver certificate, series 1935E, serial S39278440H, salvaged from the Andrea doria (1956 in large pcgs currency capsule and promotional case, grade "A." High quality note, above average even for Grade a (defined by pcgs as being at least 90 percent intact light.

Nice au note with strong blue printing, no problems. Sharp corners and edges. X Spain Madrid, Spain, ministry of Finance, 2 pesetas, 1938, serial A2452504, certified pmg choice Uncirculated. Bold, well-centered printing, nice paper quality. X Back to top Shipwreck paper Money: ss andrea doria, sunk in 1956 off Nantucket The ss andrea doria was an Italian luxury liner operated by the Italian Line from 1953 to 1956. During her three years of service, and she had many transatlantic voyages and became popular with passengers for her luxury accommodations and quick speed. On the night of July 25, 1956, the Andrea doria collided with the ms stockholm, a swedish American Line passenger liner, while travelling through heavy fog. The Stockholm's bow penetrated the Andrea doria' s starboard side, leaving a gaping hole.

quality note paper

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Bright coloring and choice centering, no problems to note on notes or cardstock. X Cuba cuba, banco nacional de cuba, 1, serial C109571A, certified pmg gem unc 64 epq, ex-Ortiz. High grade, high denomination from pre-revolution banknote. Pedigreed to the Emilio ortiz collection. X guatemala guatemala, banco de Occidente, 5 pesos, serial 3117752, p-s176b. Popular, colorful note with folds and light soiling but nothing to distract from its beauty. X Korea (North) North Korea, central Bank, 2000 won specimen, (2009 pcgs very Choice new 64PPQ. X Paraguay paraguay, el Tesoro bill nacional, 10 pesos, no date, (1862 serial 17190, certified wbg.

X, dallas, texas, usa, american Exchange national Bank, 5, charter (S)3623, series 1902, date back, serial 64318. Fine, small internal tear, modest circulation wear. X, pensacola, florida, usa, american National Bank, 20, charter 5603, series 1929 (type 2 serial A000386. Vf, good paper quality, light folds. X Manila, philippines (under us administration Treasury certificate, 50 pesos, nd (1944 victory series. 66, serial F01576561, pmg au55. Choice note with only the slightest handling seen in the rounded corners, decent ink color with some paper toning, even margins. X Back to top World Paper Money image Preview (Click image to enlarge) Description Item Price colombia bogota, colombia, 1 peso oro front and back proof, nd (1929-54 pmg gem unc 66 epq and Gem unc 65 epq, ex-Eldorado. Separate obverse and reverse proofs mounted on large pieces of cardstock, the obverse graded 66 epq and the reverse graded 65 epq by pmg.

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quality note paper

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Even paper and ink color and quality, decent centering, sharp edges, very minimal handling in the form of a essay single central fold. X, jacksonville, florida, bank. Johns, 10, serial 1963, pmg. Nice, evenly circulated scarce Florida obsolete featuring a large central vignette of a hunter shooting a white stag. Boldly inked signatures, well-cut margins, light contemporary pencil annotation on reverse, small closed pinhole to left of date (as noted by the pmg holder).


Tallahassee, florida, state of Florida, 10 cents, 2-2-1863. Xf, handling around edges, some paper toning, good inking and nice signatures. X, chicago, illinois, usa, national Bank of the republic, 10, charter 4605, series 1902, plain back, serial 254386. Fine, evenly circulated, no pinholes or internal tears. X, new York city, new York, usa, american Exchange national Bank, 5, charter (E)1394, series 1902, plain back, serial 419215. Fine, boldy inked, light stains, some small pinholes.

The history of many nations can be viewed in their bank note designs. Here you'll find the bank notes, bills and bonds we have to offer. Contact Connor Falk for any paper Money related questions. Us paper Money, image Preview (Click image to enlarge description. Item price, delaware, usa, colonial currency, 10 shillings, jan. 1, 1776, serial 51488, pcgs choice About New 55ppq, ex-Ford.

Only light handling to note around the edges, strongly embossed with great ink color, visible colonial anticounterfeiting measures including blue threads, mica flakes, and the adage "to counterfeit is death." pcgs 80535494. Pedigreed to the john. X, new Jersey, usa, colonial currency, 3 shillings, march 25, 1776, plate b, serial 33093, pcgs choice About New 45PPQ. Some handling around edges plus a single central fold noted but an otherwise boldy inked note with original paper quality. X, pennsylvania, usa, colonial currency, 50 shillings, Oct. 1, 1773, serial 18771, pcgs choice About New 55ppq, ex-Ford.

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Prior to mid-november 2006, the words, Exceptional Paper quality appeared on the back good of the pmg label to signify this designation. Notes degenerative graded prior to this change may be reholdered to receive this new label format for a 5 reholdering fee. This designation was not in regular use prior to november 2005; notes graded before this date may be re-evaluated for epq designation for a 10 review fee, including reholder. Pmg has never graded a note gem Uncirculated 65 or higher that will not qualify for the epq designation. Therefore all notes graded Gem Uncirculated 65 and above, regardless of their date of certification, will automatically qualify for the epq designation, and may be reholdered with for a 10 fee. The letters "epq appearing just to the right of the grade, stand for "Exceptional Paper quality.". Click on image for enlargement. The graders' comment, "Exceptional Paper quality is reiterated on back of the pmg label. Paper Money, paper money provides a large canvas for a variety of designs, from the mundane but practical to colorful, painting-like artwork.

quality note paper

Notes exhibiting normal wear-and-tear for their respective grades are eligible; normal wear may include factors affecting grade such as counting marks and folds. Notes receiving the epq designation must furthermore be unrestored. A restored note has had non-original material added to bring its appearance to a known or assumed state. For currency to grade gem Uncirculated 65 or higher, it must also receive the epq designation. No note meeting pmgs standards for the gem Uncirculated grade can have had its appearance altered to achieve this grade, and thus the highest grade assigned by pmg without the epq designation is Choice Uncirculated. The minimum grade for which a note becomes eligible for the epq designation is Very fine. A note receiving the epq designation will have the letters epq appearing to the right of the grade on the pmg label.

extra to birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other important milestones. Events like these deserve to be recorded on quality note cards. With Paper Style's personalized thank you notes, you can even have them printed and delivered to you within a week, so you'll never miss an occasion. Paper Styles freshens up your stationery cache by replenishing it with elegantly crafted paper, envelopes, note cards, note pads, and more. Whether you're looking for invitations or searching for notes to give as a gift, the wide array of choices offered by paper Style and its top designer brands will relay the message with flair. Find your paper style and get started on making memories here! Pmg uses the designation Exceptional Paper quality (EPQ) for notes that, in the opinion of pmg graders, are original. By original, we mean that a note has not been physically, chemically, or materially processed to lend the appearance of a higher grade. Pmg graders examine the embossing, inks, and overall integrity of each note to make the determination whether it will qualify for epq.

Monogrammed styles offer an understated classical feel that never goes out of style. Choosing a color and typeface that best speaks to your personal taste allows the recipient lab to know who is sending the message. With a plethora of choices, personalized notes creates a unique and lasting impression well beyond the event it's for. Kids can have great-looking stationery, too! Our line of kids thank you notes and accessories includes stickers, notes, and gift enclosures just for kids. This can help start a tradition of well-crafted, enjoyable letter writing early. Fun designs in bright colors and cheery cartoons perfectly channel the spirit of children for teachers' thank you notes or birthday party guests.

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Whether it's a post-interview thank you note or a handwritten letter to a loved one, a beautifully designed stationery set is always appreciated by the recipient. Many times, they can make all the difference the in creating a lasting and memorable impression. At Paper Style, eye-catching note cards in an assortment of designs is available to fit your personal style and for almost any occasion. Our notes for women is creative and fun, but also professional and elegant when it needs. Personalized thank yous featuring monograms add a unique touch that makes your letters, invitations, and personalized thank you cards stand out. We carry embossed, flat card, and folded notes suitable for several events in your life. Dozens of styles in different ink colors, designs, and paper materials are ready to be signed, sealed, and delivered by you. Paper Style also carries note cards specifically tailored to the unique tastes and needs of men. Personalized stationery for calling cards, note cards, and business letterheads keep you prepared in professional encounters as well as family-related occasions.

quality note paper
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Most notes print ship the same day. Great price and fast! Graded 68 (Exceptional Paper quality ) Superb Gem Uncirculated by pmg.

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  2. Pmg uses the designation Exceptional Paper quality (EPQ) for notes that, in the opinion of pmg graders, are original. Modways Objet d' art pvt. exporter, manufacturer, distributor supplier of Note book premium Note book, note book, premium Note.

  3. Pretty simple note paper, paper ; 50 dog paw print high quality 10 assignment helpers. Paper Cube, wholesale various High quality paper Cube Products from Global Paper Cube suppliers and Paper Cube factory, Importer. Office gift Custom Sticky note with wooden Pallet Paper Cube notepads Cheap Print In China with High quality.

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