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It is known that the vichy French targetted Jews living in the european quarters under their direct rule. They expelled many moroccan Jews living in those quarters to the mellahs, and a sent a number of European Jews living in those quarters to slave labor camps in the moroccan desert. But, as Morocco was a protectorate and not a departement (like algeria it is not at all clear that the vichy French administration was busying itself with the task of segregating Jews from Moslems among the moroccan subjects of King Mohammed. Nor is it clear that if the vichy French had really wanted to extend their racist laws thus, the king could have done anything to stop them. Your article fails to provide a convincing analysis. Genetics edit i am interested in this - if you take religious superstitions out of the picture, then is in't it true that moroccan jews are essentially arabs - their genetics, their dna is arabian, no? They are closer to arabs than to the european jews. And on the subject of european jews - what is the genetic makeup of say russian jews?

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I can't believe i forgot the name and I was living next to one. Jews here were ran out from Chefchaouen. It's late so i don't have no one to ask.- sabertooth 03:06, (UTC) Oh yea! Sabertooth 03:15, (UTC) List of Moroccan Jewish names edit do we need this list of surnames on plan this article? It seems off-topic, and there is already a link to the list of Jews from Morocco. Nadav 12:56, (UTC) Entire source for WW2 history of Jews in Morocco boils down to one fanciful haaretz article. Edit This is poor, shoddy scholarship, in line with the wild speculation and generalizations that are made in many wikipedia articles. Haaretz articles and editorials simply cannot be used as primary sources for complex historical events that require professional historical research. This is a mistake that wikipedia articles relating to jews and Israel make time and time and time again, and show no signs of improvement. What exactly transpired in World War 2 between King Mohammed v and the vichy authorities is not known for certain, but is under investigation by serious historians, and it has not as yet been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the king took or was.

Is that a hoax or is there any serious reality behind this story? (I would be thankful about a mail, as I don't regularly check my wikipedia account). Jakob Stevo 03:23, 9 September 2006 (UTC) Language spoken edit maybe a reference should be made to haketiya. This Spanish-based dialect was spoken in Tangiers and Tetouan. Not to be confused with Ladino, another Spanish-based dialect, but spoken by jews living in Turkey, bulgaria and Greece. Judeo-spanish is a term that encompasses both dialects, but they're actually quite different, although almost wholly intercomprehensible with each other and, to a somewhat lesser degree (but not much lesser) with Standard Spanish. abenyosef 21:46, 9 February paperwork 2007 (UTC) Jewish neighborhoods edit What were they named again? I don't know if it's mentioned in the article.

yellow star book report

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It means "the same passage as the previous citation". meaning "the same book as the previous citation".) It has nothing to do with "Library of Congress". sir Myles na gopaleen (the da) 09:23, (UTC)Thanks Sir Myles! I thought "idem/ibidem/id." was used for that purpose instead. szvest 14:11, (UTC) The difference is that "ibid" occurs on its own (in other words it refers to exactly the same passage) while "loc. Cit." is followed by a page or paragraph number, and refers to another identified place within the same overall passage. sir Myles na gopaleen (the da) 22:31, (UTC) Sephardim and mizrahim edit hello, i have read claims that in Morocco, antisemitic riots in the late fourties and fifties targeted mainly sephardim, while the overall attitude towards mizrahim remained comparatively relaxed.


It is somehow 90 now! I think of 2 things. It may mean Library of Congress or something related to library of Congress Classification. According to jean Gray hargrove lc classification was originally designed to sort books at the library of Congress and developed specifically with reference to the published literature in each subject area in that collection. Today it is used widely to organize collections in American academic and research libraries. I also think of "letter cover"! Cheers - szvest 20:06, (UTC) wiki me up #153; "l.c." is short for "loc. Cit." or "loco citato".

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yellow star book report

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I think there should e additional evidence showing the positive as well as the negative.- gnosis 02:40, (UTC) Some for one wrote "the intolerent almohads". This is not objective. Even if they are vey hostile to the jews, they cannot be named like as that. They would be called "anti-jews". Because the almohads were very open-minded to give fruits like as averroes. I would also like to add that that i'm tired writers of reading articles where there has been complained about the anti-judaism; Were is the pro-judaism? Where are the reason of that result Collaboration with the enemies and their orientation to Israel while living in another country, i suppose?

The article is also not well structured, i find read3r 13:47, 22 november 2006 (UTC) Citiation problems? Edit Please forgive my ignorance if that is the source of my confusion, but it seems to me that many of the citations given in this article are not complete, let alone verifiable. For example, consider citation number 4: Marcus Fischer,. What, exactly,. Again, it's been a while since i've had to include a formal citation, but it seems to me that this example (and many if not most others in this artical) lacks critical information to qualify as verifiable. Unsigned comment by User: The article needs a major rewrite. It was a 100 copy and paste of this article in the jewish encyclopedia.

That remained quite separate from Arabic-speaking Moroccan Jewry in many ways. There should also be some mention of current Moroccan Jewish communities round the world.- sir Myles na gopaleen (the da) 14:44, (UTC) Much of the article has good information but rather poorly and pov phrased,. G with respect to ministers - queer off-handed dismissal of the importance of Jewish ministers as merely there to extort money and subject to dismissal at the sultan's whim. Of course that's true - true of any minister of the period, regardless of the said minister's religion. Collounsbury 22:21, 17 February 2007 (UTC).I agree.

I'll try to do my best once i'd have enough time. I've just found very interesting information about Jewish art in Morocco which is also missing. szvest 14:24, (UTC) wiki me up The title should be changed to the suffering of Jews in Morocco because you only provide stories about any kind of suffering. Moreover, Im pretty sceptical about the source of information youre using. Overall, very biased article. Jews moors edit i think there should be some refernce material to the jewish peoples during moorish rule. It seems a bit unrealistic that the jewish people were treated severely. Espicially when there is historic evidence showing the opposite.

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Cheers - svest 19:20, (UTC) wiki me up very biased article edit i thank you for the article, but I think it is very biased and even might be ideologically-motivated. If the jews of Morocco were so badly treated in the whole moroccan history, how come they lived there until the mid 20th century? Also saying that Moroccan citizens of jewish obedience are badly treated now in Morocco is very biased. There are some racists like everywhere but they are highly respected by the majority. The article cited André azoulay but forgot to tell about Abraham Serfaty and his role in fighting for a democratic Morocco. Please feel free to improve the article, especially if you provide sources, since it sounds like you have a lot to add. As a note, much of this article was taken from the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, which I don't think is particularly ideologically motivated, as it predated Israel by a half century, but obviously the modern info is from other sources. You may also want to sign your comments with - goodoldpolonius2 bill 18:25, (UTC)I have a feeling that, as this article was lifted from the jewish Encyclopedia, when it said Jews were "now" badly treated this meant 1901. At present I think that it (and Tunisia) are about the most user-friendly Arab countries resume for Jews to live in; and the section on current history is quite consistent with e article mentions the arrival of Spanish exiles after 1492, but says nothing about the.

yellow star book report

This page 3 in Spanish says she died next to a well. This article 4 says she committed suicide by throwing herself into a well. The jewish encyclopedia says she fell near a well 5 indicating she was murdered quite possibly by decapitation. Arniep 22:37, (UTC) This is what I meant Arniep. As long as there are many versions, than we should include them all (with sources) and not base only on one version. If you see, the presentation whole article is a mirror of the jewish Encyclopedia on the topic. Many things should be reviewed in the article. Hope i had time for that.

Other : * Translate from Arabic : Sellam Ameziane, mrebih Rebbu contents Untitled edit. 02:49, (UTC) Why did you make such an assumption? — preceding unsigned comment added by tashfine ( talk contribs ) 18:50, 7 February 2012 (UTC) Deletion of factual material / geographic location of Morocco edit Why has the category, jews of West Africa, deleted? Is not Morocco part of West Africa? This seems cut and dry npov. Dogru144 18:08, (UTC) Berber jewess edit last edits by look a bit pov and w/o any source. The use of the term heroic is certainly a pov one. The other thing is that the additions lack any reference or sources like "the adopted arab son who btrayed her." I'll fix that and wait for any sources to revert it back as per edits - svest 21:17, (UTC) wiki me up There seems. This page 1 (google translation 2 ) in French says she was decapitated.

High, this article has been rated. High-importance on the project's importance scale. To-do list: Here are some tasks awaiting attention : Article requests : Occult writers and antisemitism, symche Spira, assess : Yahweh, v-2 missile launch site, blizna, ss-truppenübungsplatz heidelager, cleanup : xueta (quite a mess jewish assimilation, history of the jews in Austria, and, dreyfus Affair. Copyedit : International response to the holocaust, history of the jews during World War ii, anti-semitism, history of the Expand : way of the patriarchs, v-2 missile launch site, blizna, ss-truppenübungsplatz heidelager npov : Category:Hasmonean dynasty, yahweh Stubs : Category:Jewish history stubs, category:Jewish biography stubs. B this article has been rated as b-class on the project's quality scale. Mid This article has been rated as Mid-importance on the project's importance scale. This article is within the scope of wikiproject Morocco, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Morocco outsiders on wikipedia. Help expand the project: you can help! Here are some tasks awaiting attention : Article requests : Abdelaziz meziane belfqih, mohamed moatassim, hassan aourid, mohamed Hassad, abdelhak mrini, abbas Jirari, zoulikha naciri, mounir Charïbi, ahmed Midaoui, mustapha bakkoury, bouchaib Rmail, khalil Hachimi Idrissi, faycal Laraichi Assess : Rate the Unassessed Morocco articles.

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This article is of interest to the following. Wikiprojects : This article is within the scope. Wikiproject Jewish history, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage. Jewish history on wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. B, this article has been rated. B-class on the project's quality scale.

yellow star book report
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