Annotated bibliography on leadership

Annotated Bibliography of Resources for Educational Reform

annotated bibliography on leadership

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(the author) Morley describes three essential components in discovering sense of the meeting: release, long focus, and transition to light, all of which are nurtured by worship. Making room for leadership: Power, Space, and Influence. Pastor and spiritual director MaryKate morse contends that most of us are unaware of the ways we do or can use our bodies to influence others. Morse explores leadership through the lens of Christs use of power as a guide for how to lead in ways that are empowering to others. Morse is a recorded minister in Northwest yearly meeting and associate dean at george fox evangelical Seminary. Available at: morse responds to the question, what do quakers bring to leadership? New England yearly meeting.

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Doing Business the quaker way. Forbes Magazine article, october, 2009. Available at: Article by a non-quaker about quaker business practices and utilizing them in a corporate setting. Pendle hill uber Publications: Wallingford, pa, 1995. Looks at the ambivalence toward authority among quaker youth, the need for orlando common experiences of depth, and ways of encouraging more inspired ministry. Beyond Consensus: Salvaging the sense of the meeting. "In seeking the sense of the meeting we open ourselves to being guided to perfect resolution in the light, to a place where we sit in unity in the collective inward Presence. Through consensus we decide it; through sense of the meeting we turn it over, allowing it to be decided. Reaching consensus is a secular process says a friend. In sense of the meeting God gets a voice.

A discussion of writers the nature of religious leadings and where we should be looking for them in the modern world. Quakers and the Use of Power. Pendle hill Publications: Wallingford,. A reexamination of the society of Friends at the time of Pendle hill's 50th Anniversary. Facilitating Group learning: Strategies for Success with Adult learners. "This book is a must-read for people who teach adults of any age, no matter what the subject, and care about doing it in ways that yield deep and abiding learning. Wonderfully well-written and rich with psychological and spiritual insights as well as practical strategies, it represents the fruits of a lifetime of transformational teaching and learning by one of the foremost adult educators of our time."-Parker.

annotated bibliography on leadership

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This non-profit quaker-based personal care home has wrestled with the the issues of mission and margin. This is a common concern of non-profit organizations that ask how they can honor their mission to serve others and, at biography the same time, maintain good business practices that will allow for the future development of their business. Leading quakers: Disciple leadership, a friends Model. "With this resource, esr seeks specifically to help groups create sacred space for study, reflection and conversation that will nurture the discovery of gifts and development of leadership in the local meeting. Along the way, we expect a growing appreciation of the meeting as a spiritual community knit together by worship and ministry" jay marshall, dean of Earlham School of Religion Lacey, paul. Leading and being Led. Pendle hill Publications: Wallingford, pa, 1985.

Twenty-five years ago robert Greenleaf published these prophetic essays on what he coined servant leadership, a practical philosophy that replaces traditional autocratic leadership with a holistic, ethical approach. This highly influential book has been embraced by cutting edge management everywhere. Yet in these days of Enron and what visa ceo dee hock calls our "era of massive institutional failure greenleaf's seminal work must reach the mainstream now more than ever. Servant leadership helps leaders find their true power and moral authority to lead. It offers long-lasting change, not a temporary fix and extends beyond business for leaders of all types of groups. The hickman Friends Senior Community of West Chester,. Queries to guide decision-making Regarding New Policies and/or Initiatives.

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annotated bibliography on leadership

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This publication is adapted from Principles of good Practice for Friends School boards every Friends School Trustee, written by Arthur Larrabee in consultation with the board of Directors of the Friends council on Education, 2005. Is a collaborative project of Friends Services for the Aging, Friends council on Education, and Philadelphia yearly handwriting meetings Committee on Friends Education. Friends Services for the Aging. A strategic Approach to leadership Transitions. Available from Friends Services for the Aging.

The focus of this white paper is managing the planned exit and entrance of an executive director, or ceo. The frameworks are also applicable to the strategic transition process of any senior leader. The power of servant-leadership: essays. "The power of Servant leadership" is a collection of Robert Greenleaf's finest and most mature works and an unexpected sequel to his "Servant leadership." These pieces were designed to stimulate and inspire people in the practice of a more caring leadership and reflect Greenleaf's continual. Servant leadership: a journey into the nature of Legitimate power and Greatness, 25th Anniversary Edition.

Designed for use in prayer and meditation and as the basis for group discussion. It provides suggestions on forming discernment groups and ministries and questions to raise in discerning call. Handbook for young Friends leaders: a guide for organizing young Friends activities. Board on Christian Education, 1941. Available in Friends Collection, earlham College, 53 pages. Prepared by those attending the leadership Training Conference held at quaker haven in Indiana july 28 august 3, 1940, under the direction of the youth and Student Work department of the board on Christian Education of the five years meeting of Friends in America.

Friends council on Education. Governance handbook for Friends Schools, second Edition. A useful resource for boards and heads of Friends schools, the Friends meetings that are in care relationships with Friends schools, as well as for private and independent schools. The revised edition provides guidance in areas of governance that are unique in Friends schools and new material on advancement, effective board process, and building an optimum culture for school leadership and governance. Principles of good Practice for boards and every Trustee of quaker Organizations. Available from Friends council on Education.

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This pamphlet was delivered as the graduation address at Friends Theological College in kaimosi, kenya, on Drayton, Brian. On living with a concern for Gospel Ministry. Philadelphia, pa: quaker Press, 2006. "Brian Drayton has studied a description of the qualifications Necessary to a gospel Minister by samuel Bownas, and many Friends journals, internalizing their teaching and applying it to his own life and ministry. He is called to minister to ministers, to encourage, study help, and yes, even admonish Friends who feel a gift for ministry arising within. Here is a book full of wisdom and advice on how to cherish, live with, and grow into the gift of ministry. It is well aimed at the specific temptations and opportunities of our own day, while incorporating those timeless truths with which a minister of any era must grapple." - marty Grundy. This important book draws on classic Christian literature and "the silence of prayerful listening" to show how to recognize and define god's call. The authors emphasize the importance of faith community as a source of spiritual and practical support.

annotated bibliography on leadership

This guidebook provides answers to those business questions. And it offers intriguing, refreshing and satisfying ways to deepen our leadership capacities through reflection. It is a pocket resource for those who lead by title as well as those who simply make the world a better place by their example. An aid to leaders who are on the run, it is particularly meant for those weary souls who need to find a breathing space in their busy lives in order to be more powerful in service to what matters most to them. Quaker leaders for the 21st century. Kaimosi Friends Press, 2004. Available in Friends Collection, earlham College.

personal transformation which reorients the ego, the will, and the attention so that one can be trusted purely to receive and purely to give forth an inspired. A careful reading of the book can help Friends learn to discern the difference between the ego and divine will. Reaching Decisions: The quaker Method. Wallingford, pa: Pendle hill Publications. The society of Friends answer to the question, how can a free fellowship based on divine guidance from within set up any form of church government providing direction from without? A leaders guide to reflective practice. If the world of leadership is the world of action, why does being reflective matter? Why take time out? Why explore the inner world of thought and feeling, the quieter outer processes of dialogue and conversation?

Soul in the workplace is not a theological abstraction, but a way of being and doing. Each of the organizations that Benefiel profiles in this lively and informative book-from southwest Airlines to the band U2-describes the profound role that awareness of soul, or spirituality, can play in leadership and organizational life. Divided into three parts, the book looks at the role of individuals in nurturing soul, the organizational reality by which soul is manifest, and the processes by which the tension between individual and organization are managed. It is for managers, workers, organization specialists, church groups, ceos, and anyone involved in the transformation plan of organizational life. It is for everyone who suspects that there is more to business than the bottom line. "The dilemmas of Organizational leadership in the religious Society of Friends." 3 pages. A contemporary short essay by long-time general Secretary for Friends General Conference on his understanding of leadership among Friends. A description of the qualifications Necessary to a gospel Minister. Wallingford, pa: Pendle hill Publications, 1989.

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The soul of a leader: Finding your Path resume to success and Fulfillment. Crossroad Publishing Company, 2008. According to benefiel, theology teacher and ceo of m, the western ideal of leadership demands that modern leaders adopt a lone ranger mentality; emphasizes the bottom line; and rewards drive, decisiveness, productivity and long work hours—while paying scant attention to inner and spiritual development. Benefiel outlines her principles of soul formation for leaders through true-life stories, such as those of Tom and Kate Chappell of Tom's of maine, and the U2 guitarist The Edge, who worked with musicians in post-Katrina new Orleans. Benefiel also writes about lesser-known leaders who have concentrated in the development of their moral grounding as well as their account books. Speaking both to individual and organizational spiritual transformation, she highlights the importance of following one's heart and daring to dream through a program of practicing gratitude, perseverance and seeking out spiritual guidance. The author's inspiring message and endorsement from Desmond Tutu will likely earn her book a receptive audience, but the repetitive, sometimes saccharine execution may deter all but the choir to whom she is already preaching. The soul at Work: Spiritual leadership in Organizations. Soul at Work describes the way organizations do business.

annotated bibliography on leadership
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  4. The bibliography is an ongoing project that will continue to add, review, and update reviews and also allow users to rate and tag individual resources.

  5. Annotated leadership bibliography online. This document is an annotated bibliography organized into the groups:. Annotated bibliography on mentoring. Suggested reading on, underrepresented Minority and Female faculty recruitment, retention, mentoring, leadership, and Climate.

  6. Annotated, bibliography is not editable by users, every effort is made to keep it up-to-date. Books and Articles on, leadership. Department Chair and dean, leadership.

  7. The dilemmas of Organizational. Leadership in the religious Society of Friends. Focus on, leadership : Servant, leadership for the 21 st Century. While the negotiation Pedagogy.

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